About Us

Petermann GmbH was founded in the year 1995 and sees itself as the German pioneer of back-friendly patient handling with manual transfer aids .

Over the years, the experienced product specialists at Petermann GmbH have conducted many thousands of training sessions and seminars in nursing homes, hospitals, ambulant care services and medical facilities. Bringing together this acquired knowledge and experience at Petermann GmbH and passing it on to you as a holistic concept is one of our most important missions.

In 2021, Petermann GmbH was integrated into the Human Care Group. Within the Human Care family, Petermann will continue to develop innovative manual transfer aids and services to its clients.


We know what you need

Petermann product ideas emerge exactly where they will be required and used later on – in day-to-day-life. Every Petermann product has been developed to meet the requirements of caregivers and patients who need to master a sequence of movements. The Petermann teams are involved in the daily activities of caregivers and see every day the heavy daily burden and challenge they face when caring for people with limited mobility.


Safe products for proficient care – Made in Germany

Many years of experience, the latest production technologies, innovative materials and the highest degree of care in production – These are some of the criteria that highlight the extraordinary quality of the Petermann aids.

Continual striving for perfection, finding even better materials and processing techniques – linked to systematic quality tests carried out in both our own laboratories and also in independent testing centres – enable Petermann GmbH to guarantee that all products fully match requirements for medical products. They are therefore free of any hazardous substances and also withstand the toughest stresses and demands.

Petermann products have above average life cycles. With a period of up to 20 years, the guarantees
go well beyond the legal stipulations. Most products are also suitable for heavy loads, with some products able to withstand loads of up to 400 kg.

Cost effectiveness

The best offer for you

The modern health economy regards cost effectiveness as the sum of many different factors. Petermann GmbH offers you fair purchase prices for aids with long service lives and also for patient-related disposable products plus many options for taking advantage of Petermann’s expertise product handling and training.

Petermann GmbH is familiar with the requirements in the care sector and it knows that products must also continue to guarantee security of care after many washes and disinfection processes for both users and patients.

Back-friendly movement for patients and relatives

Allow yourself to be “helped” and pay attention to your back!

Petermann products help all caregivers carry out their activities in a back-friendly manner while gently moving and transferring patients. “It is necessary to make things as simple as possible. But no simpler than that!” reads the Petermann motto; this means making the products available to caregivers and relatives providing care with very different levels of training and experience both simply and effectively.

In order to ensure that everyone can work with our products as efficiently as possible, we offer product training and intensive training plus complete Bella Reha one-day seminars which convey knowledge about practical handling of Petermann products and provide lots of effective, easy-to-apply advice.

Qualified expertise

Put your faith in Petermann quality

Petermann GmbH sees itself as Germany’s pioneer in developing back-friendly aids for caregivers. Experienced product specialists at Petermann GmbH have carried out many thousands of training sessions and seminars in care homes, hospitals, outpatient care facilities and medical institutions over the years. Our key mission is to bring together this knowledge and experience we have acquired at Petermann GmbH and passing it on to you as an integrated patient transfer concept.

The Petermann quality management system is tested and certified according to EN ISO 13485 (Download certificate) by independent bodies. This is how Petermann GmbH ensures complete compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, from production to application.